7th West

Brand identity, art direction, publication design, and marketing design

1255 7th St, Oakland, CA 94607

    Since 2018, 7th West has been an important community hub for West Oakland. They support local music and artist communities through their programming, which includes world music events and local DJ nights. To reflect the communities of which West Oakland is composed, I chose a minimalist brand identity and art direction inspired by their address - 7th and West Street. A mural featuring the quote "come together" with a vibrant color scheme enhances the venue's mission statement and brand. The publication design of its social impact report inspired by a 90s rave zine aesthetic captures the art direction of the space, with bold imagery and diverse typography to deliver their powerful message. A merch capsule was also created, taking inspiration from both contemporary and classic pop culture. This expands 7th West's cultural footprint and also positions it as a trailblazer in community-driven design, solidifying its status as a powerful force in West Oakland's creative landscape.

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    Guapo Tropical was a vibrant culinary fusion at 7th West, seamlessly blending the flavors and aesthetics of Filipino and Mexican cultures. The brand identity and art direction meticulously merged the essence of these tropical heritages, creating a visual experience for patrons.

    Innovative interior design elements, including intricately hand-painted wooden signs showcasing menu items and a neon rendition of the iconic Calamansi logo, added a unique charm to the space. However, the project was terminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art, Brand, Creative, & Design
Oakland, Calif. + Miami, Fla