Diesel - Lucky Dollar 

Art direction, package design, branding


    In 2018, as part of Diesel's #forsuccessfulliving campaign, under the guise of the experiential agency Poplife I served as the lead designer for for their faux bodega popup titled "Diesel's Lucky Dollar" in collaboration with Fool’s Gold records and 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood, FL. during Miami Music Week. This involved rebranding 8 iconic household items within the Miami Latino community to prominently feature the Diesel logo. My leadership in creating the art direction, brand items, signage, and merchandise significantly enhanced the event's branding and engagement, amplifying Diesel's presence and cultural relevance within the community.

Diesel Lucky Dollar Miami Music Week from Nicholas Rogers on Vimeo.

Art, Brand, Creative, & Design
Oakland, Calif. + Miami, Fla