III Points Music Festival

Brand identity, marketing design, production, experiential artist, and publication design

Miami, FL 2017 - ongoing

    Since its inception in 2013, III Points Music Festival has been at the forefront of combining art, music, and technology for South Florida's creative community.

    In 2017, I led the conception and execution of an immersive project, "The White Dragon," that transformed a 5,000 sq ft space into a fully operational 3-day pop-up bar. The project showcased my skill in creating a cutting-edge brand identity infused with a captivating experiential cyberpunk aesthetic.

    Taking charge of every detail, I orchestrated the design of a dynamic 90-foot mural, a futuristic DJ booth, comfortable foam seating, and a stylish bar area, transforming the space into a cyberpunk haven. My hands-on involvement extended beyond the physical space, as I led the creation of a comprehensive online presence with a dedicated website, and crafted impactful collateral such as a publication and promotional items, including eye-catching stickers, apparel, and branded matches. This multifaceted approach ensured that "The White Dragon" not only left a lasting impression on-site but also extended its reach through various channels, establishing a seamless and immersive experience for festival-goers.

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    In the 2019 festival, I debuted "Slow Romance," an 800-square-foot photo booth and slow dance haven that redefined the festival experience. This interactive space provided festival-goers with an opportunity to socialize and sway to beats curated by rotating DJs, creating an intimate atmosphere.

    Pushing the art direction to new heights, I infused the project with influences from Shoegaze and Synthwave subcultures, transforming the space into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Vinyl decals, inspired by the festival's publication, adorned the walls, creating a seamless connection between the physical and visual elements of the event.

    The showpiece was a 90-foot projection of motion graphics, enveloping the exterior of the space at the entrance to the main stage. This immersive visual experience served as a powerful gateway, drawing festival-goers into the heart of "Slow Romance."

  Not stopping at the physical realm, I translated these mesmerizing graphics into three dynamic marketing promos tailored for Instagram, ensuring that "Slow Romance" extended beyond the festival grounds. This multi-faceted approach positioned "Slow Romance" as a shareable experience that resonated long after the music faded.

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    Also in 2019, I assumed the role of Art Director for the festival, leading the conceptualization and development of a bold stylistic theme while devising innovative marketing strategies to captivate audiences.

  I presented four visionary concepts: DMT trip, Computer Matrix, Astronomy/NASA, and Alien propaganda, each brimming with its own distinct aesthetic and narrative potential.  By melding disparate yet complementary elements from these diverse inspirations, I crafted a cohesive visual identity that resonated with festival-goers. This elevated the festival's branding but also ensured its enduring impact, solidifying its status as a trailblazer within the festival landscape.

Final product.

    In 2021, I collaborated with the festival to conceive artistic experiential design solutions for one of its stage areas, aiming to create an atmosphere of communal enjoyment. "We all have fun here" draws inspiration from the festival's ethos of inclusivity. The minimalist approach, employed 12 painted CNC woodcuts as platforms for attendees to unwind and connect with friends.

    The installation provided functional spaces for relaxation but also served as artistic focal points, enriching the festival experience with their understated elegance. By seamlessly integrating these minimalistic elements into the larger footprint ofthe stage area, I contributed to an immersive environment that fostered a sense of belonging and celebration among festival-goers.

  The subsequent year, the festival presented me with an impressive 60 x 25 foot blank canvas. Taking on the challenge, I conceptualized and executed the monumental mural titled "Take me to your dealer," strategically positioned in front of the festival's indoor skating rink.

  The artwork transformed the expansive wall space into a captivating visual centerpiece. Drawing inspiration from the festival's core elements, the mural served as a reflection of the event's spirit, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in its vibrant energy and creativity.

Art, Brand, Creative, & Design
Oakland, Calif. + Miami, Fla